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About the mobile phone heat, hot, because the weather is getting hotter and hotter, the mobile phone plays for more than 10 minutes, it will heat up, and when it is half an hour, it will be hot later! This is normal!
Especially watch movies, phone calls, play games online! When charging, need to occupy both CPU network, screen, speakers! Run at full speed! Temperature mainly comes from the CPU of the mobile phone, and the performance of smartphones is now close to that of computers! You need to know computer has a fan in it.
It’s okay if it’s hot, if the phone overheats and exceeds the normal range of the phone, the machine will have a prompt! It will automatically shut down, it will not burst! If it’s too hot, pause the game, and remember not to play while charging in the summer! Smart machine, the more intelligent the hardware configuration, the higher the power consumption, the higher the power consumption, the high power consumption, you don’t let him dissipate heat, what to do?! Why is the button machine not hot, he has no hot power …..
Therefore, the mobile phone of the normal manufacturer itself has overheating protection, the only unsafe may be the battery, but the regular manufacturer is also safe, if it is really hot, restart it, let him rest a while…
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